Small-biz.XLR8 program giving Sister Dough more sprinkle

IC2 at UT Austin partnered with UTPB for Smallbiz.XLR8 program which lasted 10 weeks in July and August, free to Midland/Odessa entrepreneurs. This program was generously funded by Truist Charitable Trust to promote small businesses in west Texas.

ODESSA, Texas — Sister Dough isn’t your ordinary donut shop. It’s becoming so much more.

Owner and founder Priscella Garcia’s vision sprinkles over much more than these walls.

Her business operation has iced its way through the pandemic and has come out on the other side.

“We took on more orders than we could handle and we got it done, but learning as far as the business part of it, it’s still a challenge and it’s been a challenge,” Garcia said.

Priscella says this UTPB small business accelerate program is making her donut yeast rise to the top.

“By getting into that accelerate program, it really changed my point of view on how I would deal with business going forward from it,” Garcia said.

Because of it, now she’s set goals and budgets.

“It was hours long homework, finding out what our customers liked, what our customer’s didn’t like about our business, asking questions and then we would turn in our homework and then on Tuesday we would have our zoom call and we would review the notes on our homework,” Garcia said.

Not only do they plan to offer coffee and donuts, but also avocado toast, waffles, pancakes, eggs benedict, an oatmeal bar and to create a Sister Dough foundation.

“We are domestic abuse survivors, me and my four children and so seeing where we started and where we’re going, it just it warms my heart and it brings something to me because it’s an accomplishment, it’s a feat and it’s something that we want to do to help others who come out of situations like that to let them know that there is hope for a brighter tomorrow,” Garcia said.

Thanks to this new 10-week summer program, now this is all within reach for the Garcia family and they can’t wait to see their sprinkles fall into place.

Sister Dough is still waiting on all their permits to come in before they can open their storefront. Their expected grand opening is mid-October 2021.

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