Faculty Research


The IC² Institute engages with and supports UT Austin faculty research projects related to the institute’s interests in exploring innovation and entrepreneurship in new ways.  This year, research projects related to entrepreneurship and economic growth in rural, remote, or small-city communities were of particular interest.  IC² seeks to stimulate a broad-based research program that can reveal new avenues for business, government, and the education sector to collaborate to enhance rural economic opportunity.

In 2019, ten different UT Austin faculty research projects were awarded grants from the institute, after review of many proposals by the institute’s Faculty Advisory Board.  Each grant will provide up to $100,000 in funding to support a two-year project. Funds are provided from the institute’s research endowment and matching funds from generous donors.  Funded topics include economic resilience, transitioning industry areas, urban migration, and rural innovation incubators.  Factors impacting rural entrepreneurial success, such as broadband access, social learning, digital media, and co-working options, are also addressed by some of the studies.

Read more about the projects in this news release: https://news.utexas.edu/2019/06/12/rural-entrepreneurship-in-texas-gets-boost-from-ut-austin-research-projects/