Flood Resiliency Guide for Small Business Owners

Image of flood guide for mitigation, preparation, response and recovery for floods

The U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA’s) latest Small Business Profile reports 3 million small businesses in Texas, making up 99.8% of Texas businesses. (These figures do not consider the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic).

The impact of disasters on small businesses has been massive. The Small Business Credit Survey (SBCS) found that 65% of affected businesses in FEMA-designated disaster areas in the United States lost power in late 2016 and 2017. However, only 17% of affected businesses had business disruption insurance at the time of the disaster, and only 16% had flood insurance.

According to FEMA, just 1 inch of floodwater can cost up to $25,000 in damage.

Flood Resiliency Guide

To learn more about how small business owners can plan and protect against floods, prepare for floods, respond to floods, or recover after floods, click on any of the bubbles below:

Plan and Protect Against Floods

Prepare for Floods

Respond to Floods

Recover After Floods

The full Flood Resiliency Guide can be downloaded here.