Regional Economic Recovery Team

Texas road sign

The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to continue for months.  At IC² we want to look ahead to this fall when the nation will move toward the winter holiday season with spikes in retail, travel, and other spending.  To prepare for this time, communities must have carefully considered policies and strategies in place to support business recovery and expansion and to access capital needed for the local economy.

To get started, we have put together a summer research team who will investigate more than 80 selected Texas cities, examine current assets and challenges in those cities, and create community asset summaries for use in developing recovery strategies.  More information on this summer research program is available here.  We will continue our work in the fall with specialized online accelerator program for community leaders and opportunities to work in teams on solving particular problems.

Interested in getting involved?  We are seeking partners and sponsors to expand our research and program efforts.  Email Dr. Greg Pogue if you can contribute.