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Real-world Challenges

Capstone projects allow advanced students to apply previous classroom learning to address a defined, real-world challenge. Capstones can take many forms - applied learning project, research paper, community-based learning project – but typically involve a small team of students guided by at least one faculty mentor.

Industry/Faculty Collaborations

IC2 is actively seeking UT faculty and/or industry professionals to collaborate in identifying and designing meaningful student capstone projects. In addition to enhancing student learning, IC2 uses capstone projects to stimulate new knowledge and solutions-based thinking around the subjects of equity and the well-being economy.


Sample IC2-guided Capstone Projects 2022/2023:

  • IC² collaboration with the Human Dimensions of Organization Department, College of Liberal Arts: Students explored their own and other students’ interpretation of the “well-being economy”.
  • IC² collaboration with professor David Eaton, LBJ School of Public Affairs: Students surveyed community leaders and created an asset map of Hiroshima Prefecture based on survey findings.
  • IC² Collaboration with professor Steven Pedigo and the LBJ School of Public Affairs: Students explored economic challenges in Deep East Texas and the Permian Basin and recommended that these regions promote local universities as economic development anchors.

Student Capstone Projects

Project Name Project Partners Year Download
A Policy Agenda for Nationwide Children's Hospital's Social Justice Initiative Policy analysis 2022
A Community Recompense Program for Institutional Expansion* Policy development 2022
Help for the Hurdles Program Evaluation Policy evaluation 2022
Expanded Child Tax Credit Outreach Campaign Evaluation* Policy evaluation 2022