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Rethinking entrepreneurship

  • Welcome from the Director

    IC² is returning to its roots as a source of new research and programs addressing key unstructured problems.

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  • Home to Texas

    The new Home to Texas program will provide undergraduates with paid internships at companies in rural and remote regions.

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  • Town and Country

    Read the new Texas Connect article on the IC² Institute’s focus on economic growth in small towns and rural areas across Texas.

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Rural Entrepreneurship

IC² is breaking new ground in understanding the challenges of rural and remote communities.

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Home to Texas

The Home to Texas program provides undergraduates with paid internships in Texas communities outside of our urban corridors.

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Faculty Grants

IC² is supporting research by UT Austin faculty on innovation in rural and small city environments.

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The IC² Institute researches economic development outside of urban corridors and develops evidence-based programs to help communities thrive.


sunset behind oil and gas equipment

Rural Innovation Incubator (RI²)

Oil and gas is booming in West TX but the industry struggles to have a permanent workforce.

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General store truck in small town

Innovation Blueprint: Entrepreneurship in TX

Talent is flocking to urban centers, but there is great potential in rural economies.

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Rural Broadband and Entrepreneurship

They see this infrastructure as fundamental – and without it, their communities will wither.

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Changing the World starts at home!

On July 29, IC² leadership traveled to McAllen, Texas, for an event with participants in a new UT Austin summer internship program. Read More

10th Anniversary of Korean Managers Visiting Austin

Four LSIS managers are here in Austin to learn American business practices. Read More

IC² Team Visits Sweden

IC² researchers are in Sweden learning about regional efforts to create high tech job growth and development opportunities in rural areas. Read More

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