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Rethinking entrepreneurship

  • Welcome from the Director

    IC² is returning to its roots as a source of new research and programs addressing key unstructured problems.

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  • Home to Texas

    The new Home to Texas program will provide undergraduates with paid internships at companies in rural and remote regions.

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  • Town and Country

    Read the new Texas Connect article on the IC² Institute’s focus on economic growth in small towns and rural areas across Texas.

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Rural Entrepreneurship

IC² is breaking new ground in understanding the challenges of rural and remote communities.

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Home to Texas

The new Home to Texas program will provide undergraduates with paid internships with companies in rural and remote regions.

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2019 Faculty Grants

IC² is supporting research by UT Austin faculty on innovation in rural and small city environments.

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The IC² Institute is UT Austin’s think-and-do tank that explores rural entrepreneurship in order to transform communities.


Mural of octapus on building in Bentonville, AR

Back to the Future, Returning to NWA

Northwest Arkansas (NWA) has transformed from a string of quiet rural areas through coopetition.

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group of people around a table

McAllen, Texas, welcomes HTT

Our community is thrilled Home to Texas is reintroducing students to their hometowns.

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Complex Questions

Loading that much data into the rigid models used by most economists and political scientists snaps them in two.

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Radically Rural Summit

Keene, New Hampshire

Art Markman was tapped to give the keynote speech at the Radically Rural summit.



Changing the World starts at home!

On July 29, IC² leadership traveled to McAllen, Texas, for an event with participants in a new UT Austin summer internship program. Read More

10th Anniversary of Korean Managers Visiting Austin

Four LSIS managers are here in Austin to learn American business practices. Read More

IC² Team Visits Sweden

IC² researchers are in Sweden learning about regional efforts to create high tech job growth and development opportunities in rural areas. Read More

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