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Real-world Challenges

Capstone projects allow advanced students to apply previous classroom learning to address a defined, real-world challenge. Capstones can take many forms – applied learning project, research paper, community-based learning project – but typically involve a small team of students guided by at least one faculty mentor.

Industry/Faculty Collaborations

IC2 is actively seeking UT faculty and/or industry professionals to collaborate in identifying and designing meaningful student capstone projects. In addition to enhancing student learning, IC2 uses capstone projects to stimulate new knowledge and solutions-based thinking around the subjects of equity and the well-being economy.

Sample IC²-guided Capstone Projects 2022/2023:

  • IC² collaboration with the Human Dimensions of Organization Department, College of Liberal Arts: Students explored their own and other students’ interpretation of the “well-being economy”.
  • IC² collaboration with professor David Eaton, LBJ School of Public Affairs: Students surveyed community leaders and created an asset map of Hiroshima Prefecture based on survey findings.
  • IC² Collaboration with professor Steven Pedigo and the LBJ School of Public Affairs: Students explored economic challenges in Deep East Texas and the Permian Basin and recommended that these regions promote local universities as economic development anchors.