March Economic Madness 2021: Prompt 1

Round 1:  Workforce development—identifying employer and job-seeker needs, and investigating and proposing solutions via training, recruiting, and/or facilitation of matches.

In your community what workforce issues exist that could be holding it back from growth or improved quality of life for its citizens? Are there unmet workforce needs of local employers, potential employers, or job-seekers?  Describe the needs and the source of the problem(s).  Propose a detailed plan to address, at least partially, the situation and improve the outlook for employers and community members.  Develop a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 10-12 slides and notes for each slide beyond the first title slide.

We are looking for presentations that demonstrate a deep understanding of the uniqueness of the community and a well-thought-out realistic plan for attainable, measurable impact.

Include the following:

  • Title slide
    • Brief presentation title which must include community name
    • List names and colleges/schools of each team member
  • 1-2 slides with general information about the community, how you conducted your research, and the types of data you collected.
  • 1 slide describing the workforce issue(s) you will address
  • 5-7 slides concerning the following
    • Summary of your proposed plan
    • Benefits or opportunities
    • Costs and sources of funds to cover costs
    • Challenges and how they could be addressed
    • Timeline, short-term and long-term
    • Fit for the community and its long-term strategy for sustainable community development
    • Anticipated community reaction or opposition
  • 1 slide summarizing your recommendations
  • 1 concluding slide, inviting questions

PowerPoint requirements:

  • 10-12 slides.
  • You should be able to deliver your entire presentation, without rushing, in 10 minutes or less.
  • Number your slides.
  • No animation of slides and no embedded media.
  • Slides should be easily scan-able/readable by the audience. We recommend the use of meaningful graphics, font sizes larger than 24 pt, and fewer than 50 words/slide.
  • Including comprehensive notes is important, because your electronic ppt submittal will be used to determine if your team qualifies for oral presentations.  Slide notes should be similar to the words you would speak in delivering the presentation; however, slide notes can be in bulleted format. 

Because your ppt file will be displayed on a different computer (not yours), you run the risk of having your slides look different from what you intend.  Read up on how to keep your PowerPoint fonts from changing by embedding fonts. The computer displaying finalist presentations will have PowerPoint 2016.