Elsie Echeverri-Carroll speaks at launch of Science, Technology and Innovation Plan in Medellín, Colombia

Elsie Echeverri-CarrollOn May 12, Elsie Echeverri-Carroll of the IC² Institute spoke at the launch of the Plan CTi in Medellín, Colombia.

The plan is the result of a collaborative process involving a wide range of stakeholders in the Medellín region, organized by the center for business and innovation Ruta N. A feature of the plan is to concentrate regional development efforts in three strategic clusters: ICT, health and energy. One of its specific goals is that by 2021, Medellín should invest 5% of its regional GDP in science, technology and innovation.

Dr. Echeverri-Carroll, Director of the Economic Development Program at the IC² Institute, was invited to speak on successful international models of knowledge-based economic development, including the experience of Austin. Said Echeverri-Carroll, "Today’s universities must not only be responsible for research and the development of human capital, but should also have an influence on the creation of jobs."

For more information: "La innovación local ya definió la hoja de ruta," El Colombiano, 13 May 2011.


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May 14, 2011