Video from “A New America” Millennials event

If you missed last week’s “A New America” event on millennials, social change, and entrepreneurship, now you can watch the video.

National Journal

At 1:33 you’ll find the session featuring the IC² Institute’s own Isaac Barchas, Director of the Austin Technology Incubator. Here are a few highlights from Isaac’s remarks.

On the importance of education in Texas: “The appetite for good talent among the tech community is just voracious. Yes, we probably can import a lot of people from around the country and around the world, but that’s going to be an expensive proposition. We should be doing that but we also absolutely should be growing our own.”

On entrepreneurship and the millennial generation: “46% of the millennials surveyed [in a recent University of Texas study] were considering setting up their own business. That has got to be the highest percentage of any generation in history.”

On clusters: “I’m also a fan of density and ‘touching atoms’ is as important as touching electrons, but I think that this generation, as social tools evolve, may actually start developing virtual clusters as opposed to physical clusters. I’m not sure exactly what those will look like, but I think that could be a challenge to the way that we currently organize economic productivity… You’re probably going to see a rise in the value of the virtual environment. I’m not sure that you’re going to see a decrease in the value of the physical environment, though.”


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April 2, 2014