IC² Institute conference produces new book on Energy and Innovation

Energy and Innovation: Structural Change and Policy Implications is the latest title in the Purdue University Press International Series on Technology Policy and Innovation. Co-edited by IC² Institute Associate Director David Gibson, it is an outgrowth of the IC²-sponsored ICTPI 2007 conference in Stavanger, Norway.


"Energy and Innovation" book coverThe move towards sustainable energy production and use is one the most challenging and profound changes currently taking place in the world’s established and emerging economies. Energy and Innovation presents a series of informative case studies from Norway, the United Kingdom, Poland, the United States, Russia, Japan, and China that demonstrate how the pace of sustainable energy production differs by country.

Part 1 examines the challenges of increasing sustainable energy production. The main themes include differences between countries in the European Union concerning energy consumption, energy security, smart metering, and resistance to change.

Part 2 presents challenges to innovation in different economic systems. The authors contrast developed European and North American systems with emerging economies such as that of China. Their focus is on improving the innovation capabilities of firms and organizations through enhanced access to knowledge. Solutions include corporate collaborations with the academic sector and access to investment capital.

Part 3 surveys the range of industry sectors that are adopting environmentally-friendly solutions. There is a special focus on start-up companies that are working to bring new energy-production technologies to the market.

Publication information:

Energy and Innovation: Structural Change and Policy Implications ed. by Marina van Geenhuizen, William J. Nuttall, David Gibson & Elin Ofteda.
Purdue University Press 2010, ISBN 978-1-55753-578-8
International Series on Technology Policy and Innovation
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December 9, 2010