IC² Institute cited in creation of Tamaulipas Science and Technology Park

Austin American-Statesman, Monday, November 16, 2009

“Tamaulipas has long been an important manufacturing hub, as the concentration of maquiladoras along the Texas border attests. This week, with the inauguration of the Science and Technology Park of Tamaulipas (TecnoTam), we are launching a strategic, long-term effort to harness the potential of science and technology in our state to promote innovation, economic growth and competitiveness… The IC² Institute at the University of Texas is one of the institutions to which we have looked for guidance and inspiration. It was my privilege to meet with George Kozmetsky, who founded the IC² Institute, during my tenure as mayor of Ciudad Victoria. The ideas and insight I took away from that meeting almost a decade ago have helped fuel the creation of TecnoTam.”

– Eugenio Hernández, Governor of Tamaulipas, Mexico


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November 16, 2009