S. Craig Watkins Appointed IC² Director

Congratulations and welcome from the university and IC² team!

2021 Faculty Research Program Awards

Congratulations to the five awarded research projects for this round of funding.

Home to Texas 2022

In collaboration with the School of Undergraduate Studies and Texas Career Engagement, we are sending our fourth cohort of students back to their home towns to intern, conduct research, and grow in community leadership.

March Economic Madness Student Challenge 2022

Watch this year’s TEXAS inter-collegiate student challenge focused on issues facing smaller & remote communities.

Call for Proposal: Towards a Well-Being Economy

We are requesting proposals aligned with our mission and within the scope of the Institute’s research, programs, and partnerships that advance equity and address structural inequalities in social, economic, and health systems. The new strategic direction focuses on the “well-being economy.”

Toward a Well-being Economy: How IC2 is working to advance equity in social, economic & health systems

Leveraging research and creating programs that promote a well-being economy with shared economic prosperity, resiliency, sustainability and a growth model that is equitable from the outset.

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Bureau of Business Research

BBR provides communities & policymakers with evidence-based socio-economic research for a stronger and more resilient Texas.

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Home to Texas

The Home to Texas program provides undergraduates with paid internships in Texas communities outside of our urban corridors.

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IC2 creates opportunities for diverse research, design, civic, and entrepreneurial talent in order to bring new insights, energy, and purpose to initiatives that act to advance equity in social, economic, and health systems.

Remembering Pike Powers

Remembering Pike Powers

Austin woke up in November 2021 fundamentally different than it was but a month before. Yet, the economy had not fundamentally changed; people continued to relocate to Austin in droves; its leadership as a technology city remained intact, and even Lester Holt kept up...

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March Economic Madness Round 1 Winning Teams Announced

On Saturday afternoon, UT Austin kicked off its first-ever interscholastic student team competition focused on issues facing small and remote communities.  Dubbed “March Economic Madness,” the competition involves teams of students from both UT Austin and UT Permian...

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