David Gibson

Senior Research Scientist Emeritus

Current Research Interests: technology and innovation-based regional development and entrepreneurship; technology transfer; sustainable environments and economic development (SEED) in small island developing states (SIDS).Dr. David Gibson is a Senior Research Scientist Emeritus at the IC² Institute. He was a Senior Research Scientist and Nadya Kozmetsky Scott Centennial Fellow at the IC² Institute, 1998-2018; a Fulbright Scholar at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal, 1999-2000; and visiting Professor II at Tromsø University Business School, Norway, 2013-2014. His most recent publication is “The Launch and evolution of a technology-based economy: The case of Austin, Texas,” (2019), D. Gibson and M. Oden, Journal of Growth and Change.  He is a consultant to businesses, academia, and governments worldwide and is currently Senior Advisor to the Committee on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of West Indies Open Campus. Dr. Gibson received his PhD in sociology from Stanford University in 1983 with a concentration in organizational behavior, innovation, and communication theory.

IC2 3.128E Senior Research Scientist Emeritus

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January 6, 2012