Matt Kammer-Kerwick

Headshot of Matt Kammer-KerwickCurrent research interests: Developing methodologies for studying identities and needs of communities relevant for sustainable entrepreneurial activity and economic development.

Matt Kammer-Kerwick, PhD, is an NSF-funded Sr. Research Scientist at the Bureau of Business Research, IC2 Institute. He is the principal investigator of the study Disrupting Exploitation and Trafficking Labor Supply Networks in Post-Harvey Rebuild, which explores the use of stochastic games, reinforcement learning algorithms, and agent-based models to assess and develop disruptive interventions for illicit supply chains.  He is also a co-principal investigator on multiple projects with the Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault (IDVSA) in the Steve Hicks School of Social Work. Current projects include the development and application of operations research models and data analytic methods toward solutions for social, environmental, and economic justice problems; assessing the scope and prevalence of human trafficking in the State of Texas; and assessing the perceptions and prevalence of interpersonal violence at institutes of higher learning within the UT System.  Prior to his role at the IC2 Institute, he was a research consultant to industry for over 20 years and is President and Founder of Visionary Research, Inc. He has a PhD in Management Science and Information Systems from The University of Texas at Austin and previous degrees in Physics and Systems Engineering.

IC2 1.116 Senior Research Scientist