Open Innovation: Academic and Practical Perspectives on the Journey from Idea to Market

Open Innovation book coverThe traditional structures of business and the workplace have changed drastically in recent years. In response, companies have continuously worked to improve their ability to generate new ideas and bring them to market by removing the common constraints on the processes of innovation. This movement of open innovation in the workforce necessitates improvements in the arenas of idea generation, evaluation, funding, and the presentation of these ideas to the marketplace in new and exciting ways.

Edited by IC² Institute Research Director Arthur B. Markman, Open Innovation: Academic and Practical Perspectives on the Journey from Idea to Market brings together the latest scholarship on these elements with tried-and-true stories of successful applications in real-world settings. Authors explore a variety of new methods for improving idea development and processes, making this book an invaluable resource for readers as they learn how to create a supportive ecosystem for their employees and co-workers.

Arthur B. Markman is the Annabel Irion Worsham Centennial Professor of Psychology and Marketing at The University of Texas at Austin, and Founding Director of the Program in the Human Dimensions of Organizations. Dr. Markman has written over 150 scholarly papers on topics including reasoning, decision making, motivation, and categorization. He has served as executive editor of the journal Cognitive Science as well as executive officer of the Cognitive Science Society. Dr. Markman brings insights from cognitive science to a wider audience through his blogs at Psychology Today and Fast Company as well as his radio show and podcast Two Guys on Your Head.