Opening Address to The Second World Conference on Integrated Design & Process Technology of the Society for Design & Process Science (SDPS)

Discusses generational road maps and commercialization of science and technology. Describes the current lack of clear-cut generally acceptable road maps, formal or informal, and the changes facing all five basic dimensions of society – economic, political, social, cultural and scientific/technological. Argues for the development of stronger linkages between academia, business and government as well as the placement of new institutions and mechanisms that mitigate and solve urban, suburban and regional problems in parallel with each other. Explains the need for SDPS to, at an appropriate time, accept the leadership for change and to embrace the responsibility to develop its generational road map that sets forth opportunities to commercialize our scientific and technological breakthroughs as well as their timing. Describes five unprecedented opportunities for SDPS members to reshape and restructure R&D and its subsequent commercialization.