RERR Research Methodology

Sample Size: We analyze survey data from 3,363 residents of 80 non-urban communities and 2,124 residents from five metro areas, consisting of Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and El Paso. Non-urban communities ranged in population size from Crane (pop. 3800) to Amarillo (pop. 200,000). The same survey was compared between non-urban communities and metro areas to explore potential differences in attitudes toward economic development around the state.

Sampling Period: The non-urban surveys were collected during the summer of 2020 while the metro surveys were collected during the fall of 2020. Metro surveys were recruited with incentives through commercial panels, while non-urban surveys were recruited through direct outreach within non-urban communities. Student researchers assigned to non-urban communities promoted a survey link customized for each community. The non-urban community with the highest number of completed surveys per capita won funding for computer equipment.