This team is conducting a parallel mixed-methods study concurrent with the evolution of a new kidney transplant center at the University of Texas at Austin. Kidney transplantation is the most cost-effective treatment of end-stage kidney disease, enabling patients to stop dialysis and live longer healthier lives. There are two phases of this project. The first phase is to administer standardized assessments of social determinants of health.  The second phase is to conduct interviews with kidney transplant candidates and their primary caregivers to better understand the health, social, and cultural disparities in accessing kidney transplantation in central Texas.

The findings will be used to develop an innovative, patient-centered messaging campaign to increase access to transplantation services, create systemic solutions to counteract disparities, and identify and disseminate best practices.

In Central Texas, New Pathways for Kidney Transplant


Research Team

Sean J. Upshaw

Assistant Professor, Department of Advertising and Public Relations

Joel T. Adler

Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery and Perioperative Care