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Austin's Wireless Future

This report explores the near-term future of wireless – ubiquitous mobile voice and data communication, with focus on three categories of wireless services and products (existing cellular and PCS services and products; licensed radio spectrum wireless services and products, such …  More

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Texas in the Information Age

The Texas Telecommunications Policy Institute on the Texas Poll surveyed a random sample of 1,000 Texans on a quarterly basis in order to understand how people in the state are currently using telecommunications and computers and to explore their attitudes …  More

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Teleworking: Some Texas Initiatives

In this era of the virtual corporation, three Texas cities ranked in the top ten of Fortune magazine's 1995 best places that "serve the evolving workplace": Austin, Dallas, and Houston. This new workplace embraces the "work anywhere, anytime" paradigm – …  More

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Setting the Stage: Government-Industry Creation of the Japanese Fax Industry

Discusses the significance of the Japanese government’s role in the development of fax technology as a good model of how governments can influence the agents shaping technology. Describes how the Japanese government’s push on domestic fax manufacturers and telephone companies …  More

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Japanese Multimedia Industry Update

Discusses a new trend among Japan’s giant electronics and telecommunications companies and ministries: a concerted effort to develop a multimedia society like the one growing in the U.S. Describes efforts by Japanese computer and electronics conglomerates to promote multimedia by …  More

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