ATI Director Isaac Barchas in Time profile of the Pecan Street Project

Austin Technology Incubator Director Isaac Barchas is featured in this video profile of the Pecan Street Project.

Pecan Street Inc. is a research organization based at UT Austin which develops and studies the technologies, business models, and customer behavior of smart grid systems. Its flagship project is a unique deployment of new energy technologies for both utilities and consumers in the Mueller neighborhood of Austin. The Austin Technology Incubator is a founding partner of Pecan Street.

Some of Isaac’s quotes from the video:

[The Pecan Street Project has developed] the largest database and the most powerful set of analytical tools anywhere in the world focused on the consumption of energy inside the premises.

We’re seeing people in real time who are getting information in very close to real time about their own energy use and we’re able to see how they adjust their behavior in response to that information.

The amount of data that Pecan Street is collecting about actual use in the home and in the premises – not just at the meter, but at the level of appliances and circuit – is incredibly rich. In a day from their 1200 installations the Pecan Street Project is collecting more information than a utility with 2 million customers.

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July 1, 2014