ATI welcomes new member company New Dominion Enterprises

San Antonio startup NDE is commercializing breakthrough energy storage solutions.

New Dominion EnterprisesNew Dominion Enterprises, Inc. (NDE) announced this month that they have joined forces with IC²’s Austin Technology Incubator to help commercialize the next significant step forward in energy storage. New Dominion has negotiated an exclusive license with Idaho National Laboratory (INL) for the patents securing the inorganic electrolyte materials that will lead to more durable, longer lasting and safer lithium batteries.

These inorganic electrolyte materials were invented by NDE Chief Scientist and co-founder, Dr. Mason K. Harrup, while he was an Advisory Scientist at INL. NDE’s first product is an electrolyte “additive” that was fully developed and tested under a U.S. government contract. After forming New Dominion with his co-founder Jay Fraser, Harrup continued to innovate and subsequently NDE filed two additional patents covering company-owned intellectual property for a full replacement 100% inorganic electrolyte. These technologies address the heat-related downsides of organic electrolytes thereby improving useful life and reducing safety issues.

When asked how the relationship with ATI evolved, NDE’s president and co-founder, Jay Fraser explained: “This past fall ATI invited us to participate in a market research report as part of a Department of Defense program to explore market acceptance of new technology. Through that program we became interested in ATI and their Clean Energy initiative and began the application process to become an ATI member company. Affiliation with ATI, and through it, IC² and The University of Texas at Austin will help us backstop our management team with skilled mentors and advisors in some of the areas that a small company simply doesn’t have the resources to hire full time.”

Mitch Jacobson, Director of ATI, commented: “We recognize the value of the New Dominion deep technology solution and the potential breakthrough for longer lasting and safer lithium batteries and are excited to have them as a member company.” NDE’s inorganic electrolyte technology has significant market potential in consumer, industrial and defense applications, having been successfully tested in a Department of Defense sponsored program at INL. The application of the technology goes well beyond standard consumer products to also include larger power cells for electric vehicles and energy storage. NDE is now scaling to production levels and commercialization.

About NDE

New Dominion Enterprises is an early-stage technology company commercializing a suite of inorganic electrolyte materials for lithium batteries that will lead to more durable, longer lasting and safer lithium batteries. The first product, an additive, is fully developed and tested, and is in the process of being scaled up.

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August 17, 2018