John Sibley Butler advises startup 1stDown Technologies

New app puts 2,600 football plays in the hands of coaches.

As reported in the Jan. 4, 2012 Austin American-Statesman, former NFL assistant coach Charlie Coiner turned to John Sibley Butler, Director of the IC² Institute, for advice on how to use his football expertise to found a business.

Coiner had the idea of a digital football playbook which would let coaches view, save, and share plays using a portable device, but he had never started a company. Butler advised him on the basics of startups and introduced him to the professional resources he would need to get going.

“He had a great idea that hadn’t been commercialized, and as a veteran coach, he had the knowledge base,” Butler said. “He was able to do it because we put him in the Austin ecosystem, where so many people are willing to give their knowledge and advice for free. If he had tried it in Houston or Dallas, I don’t know.”

Coiner’s FirstDown Playbook app is now available for iPhone and iPad.


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January 17, 2012