GCG unites Korean and Austin-based companies to improve cancer screening

The Korea-based industrial automation company, Jungwoo F&B, will team up with the Austin-based biotech company, Bioo Scientific, to develop kits for the Image Oriented Navigation Laser Microdissection Device (ION LMD). Jungwoo F&B developed the ION LMD device, which enhances the imaging and increases the precision of cell dissection. Bioo Scientific will contribute sequencing and discovery kits for more precise analysis of tumor samples. The combined efforts and technologies of Jungwoo F&B and Bioo Scientific will improve the ability of physicians to diagnose and treat cancer patients by providing a more accurate analysis of microRNAs and peptides in tumor samples.

The connection was facilitated by the IC² Institute’s Global Commercialization Group. GCG’s UT Gyeonggi Innovation Program in Bucheon, South Korea, selected Jungwoo F&B’s ION LMD technology in its yearly innovation program. Donna Kidwell, business development manager for Korean technologies at the Global Commercialization Group, said that GCG commercialization experts chose Jungwoo F&B because “it was a novel approach to LMD and could be an enabling technology for molecular pathology.” Kidwell further explained that GCG’s goal “is to help such technologies commercialize successfully, and create strong international partnerships along the way.”

Read more: Drug Discovery News, November, 2011.


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January 9, 2012