New publications from IC²-funded research on global climate policy

Joshua BusbyJoshua Busby, recipient of a 2017-2018 research award from the IC² Institute, has announced several publications stemming from his research on climate policy and the renewable energy industry in an international context.

Climate Leadership in Uncertain Times
By Joshua Busby and Nigel Purvis. Atlantic Council, September 2018.

Warming World: Why Climate Change Matters More Than Anything Else
By Joshua Busby. Foreign Affairs, July/August 2018.

Turning the Carbon Supertanker: Sectoral Feasibility of Climate Change Mitigation in China
By Joshua Busby, Xue Gao, and Sarang Shidore. Energy Research & Social Science, March 2018.

Still Shining? Our Third Annual Review on Solar Scale-up in India
By Joshua Busby and Sarang Shidore. Council on Foreign Relations, February 2018.

Busby is an Associate Professor at the LBJ School of Public Affairs and a Distinguished Scholar at the Strauss Center for International Security and Law at The University of Texas at Austin.

IC² Institute research awards are designed to stimulate research by tenured and tenure-track faculty across UT Austin and to promote thought leadership in the disciplines informing entrepreneurship theory and practice.


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September 13, 2018