Home to Texas™

Home to Texas provides undergraduates with paid internships at organizations in rural or remote regions of Texas.

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Kozmetsky Student Challenge

Diverse student teams to address a community economic development issue. The student challenge allows teams of 4-5 UT Austin students to compete for cash prizes and recognition.

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Faculty Research Program

Combining its dedication to original research with its commitment to education and service, the IC² Institute uncovers best practices in regional and international contexts.

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March Economic Madness

March Economic Madness is the first interscholastic student team competition to address problems of small or remote communities.

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Bureau of Business Research

BBR aims to provide Texas business-people and policymakers with applied economic research and data to strengthen the state’s business environment.

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Regional Economic Recovery

Engaging small and remote communities to study the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and develop strategies to create thriving and resilient economies.

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