Home to Texas


Changing the world starts at home.  Home to Texas (HTT) is a summer internship program that encourages University of Texas undergraduates to work in their hometowns by providing well-paid internships and experiences designed to help them understand the underlying values of their home communities.

The IC² Institute has partnered with UT Austin’s School of Undergraduate Studies for the program, matching undergraduate students looking for summer work in their hometowns with employers in those locations who are seeking students with fresh and informed perspectives.  Local Texas Exes chapters are enlisted to identify internship opportunities.  Students from all majors are eligible.  Organizations in rural or remote regions of Texas are encouraged to work with local alumni to establish at least four internship opportunities at a time–creating a critical mass of students in the same area to support each other as they do interviews with community leaders as part of the program.

During their summer experience, HTT students interview community and civic leaders, connect with the local UT Austin alumni network, and report on what they have learned. Participating students will develop a greater appreciation of their hometown communities, increasing the chance they will consider returning after graduation. The program also demonstrates the growing commitment of UT-Austin to engage with the entire state of Texas, solidifying UT’s relationship with alumni and regional and state leaders.

Launched in the spring of 2019, the program placed nine students in four different communities in its pilot year.  Alumni and community support has been tremendous and the program will expand to about fifty placements in 2020.

The next Home to Texas internship period will be June 1 to July 31, 2020.  Employers interested in participating in the summer 2020 program should review the information linked below and contact info@ic2.utexas.edu.

Information for Employers